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Our Values

The IWJS values are designed to guide our decisions, our way of working and the responsibility we have towards our customers and other stakeholders. We strive to bring these values to life in how we think, act, behave and communicate in our industry.

Compliance – We will carry out all company operations within strict legal and ethical guidelines.

Loyalty – We will focus on achieving the highest levels of customer loyalty through the provision of exceptional products and services.

Development – We will support the personal and career development of our employees, seeking their complete job satisfaction.

Minimise – We will work to minimise our operational impact on the environment and put in place effective measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

Respect – We treat each other with respect and we work hard to earn it from others.

Achievement – We work together to deliver superior results and win in the marketplace.

Renewal – We invest to develop our skills and grow our business.

Challenge – We are never complacent and perpetually question the status quo.


IWJS Gender Pay Gap & Equal Opportunities Statement

Government legislation requires that all businesses with more than 250 employees, declare and publish statistics of any gender pay gap within their organisation, with these statistics relating to IWJS shown below.

IWJS aims to be recognised as being an Equal Opportunities employer within all areas of our business activities. We therefore strive to advocate and offer equal pay and opportunities to all our employees regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, disability, religion and maternity or marital status. Giving all individuals equal opportunity wherever possible within the operational parameters of our business, where they clearly demonstrate they have the right skills and abilities to carry out their work effectively.

– Peter Maasz, IWJS Business Development Director


IWJS LTD – Gender Pay Gap Data as at 5 April 2017
Total Employees Male Female Total    
  382 25 407    
PAY Male Female Diff. %    
Mean £10.61 £10.10 4.83    
Median £10.24 £9.90 3.26    
PAY Male Female Male Female  
Upper (75-100%) 109 6 95% 5%  
Upper Middle (50-75%) 84 6 93% 7%  
Lower Middle (25-50%) 121 7 95% 5%  
Lower (0-25%) 68 6 92% 8%  
  382 25      
BONUS Male Female Diff. % Male Female  
Mean £126.28 £70.00 44.57    
Median £25.00 £0.00 100.00    
Number Receiving Bonus 241 3   63% 12%