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IWJS Invest into Wincan VX tehcnology 19th March 2019

IWJS are making a large investment into the very latest in CCTV pipeline condition survey reporting. This investment comes in the form of the brand new Wincan VX software which is a totally new system compared to previous upgrades.

Wincan VX gives the end user access to much more data in a simple to use format available through a web portal opposed to the old DVD and hard copy (although these are still available). The decision was taken to invest in this system not just because IWJS are leaders when it comes to embracing new technology but also because of the environmental impact.

“We used to spend thousands of pounds printing reports, buying and burning DVDs which then were posted and delivered to the client. This new system saves all of this and gives our customers a much faster, greener and cleaner set of data” – Peter Maasz – Business Development Director.