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Confined Space and Breathing Apparatus

Courses to provide safer working knowledge when in a restricted space using breathing apparatus

It is now the law that if you are involved with entering, controlling or supervising people involved with confined space work you must have received approved training. Failure to comply with the 1997 Confined Space regulations can result in prosecution.

Working in confined spaces can be fatal. In 1997, regulations were introduced in order to control that work in industrial environments for employees and the self-employed. People are killed or seriously injured in confined space working every year in the UK. This includes a significant number of people trying to rescue others without either having had the necessary training or right equipment.

It is essential that a structured system is in place that provides effective control which must be in place before confined spaces working begins. An essential point to consider is, can the work be done differently to avoid entry? The Confined Space Regulations states the following:

The primary danger arises from an untested atmosphere which may be low in oxygen or contains dangerous gases such as hydrogen sulphide, methane or carbon monoxide. A Gas Detector or Atmospheric Monitor must be used since your brain will be unable to identify and react to these dangerous gases in time. The monitor being used and where conditions dictate, in conjunction with suitable breathing apparatus. The courses available include:


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