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Asset Management

In the past, good-quality asset management programmes helped to reduce the lifecycle cost of the asset. IWJS take it further by collecting high levels of data and then presenting it online in a consistent and understandable format.

This data can then be shared quickly and easily with other departments or service providers. By mapping your project or site onto a Google Earth style overlay, it is very easy to identify exactly where your asset is, what it is and where it goes.

IWJS can offer you a full and wide range of services to help you manage and maintain your network which includes mapping, jetting, surveying and rehabilitating pipes, chambers, tanks and traps.

By using our online system, clients can quickly review the full history of a particular asset and compare previous and current reports with a few clicks of a mouse. Add to this the ability of interrogating multiple locations to assist with cost forecasts and budgets for complete flexibility.

The IWTS fleet is designed to access difficult to reach areas safely and we pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of our teams.