Felixstowe to Harwich Tankering Project for McNicholas


Client’s Delight at Smooth, Hitch Free Operation Delivered by IWJS


In 2017 major tankering work was awarded to IWJS from leading client McNicholas. The major contract valued at over £350,000 was for water tankering delivery over a six month period during borehole drilling for the primary client of McNicholas, UK Power Networks. The extensive drilling work between Felixstowe to Harwich, required significant amounts of cooling water at the drill heads, on average 400 cubic metres of tankered water delivered each day, for the duration of the contract.


Challenges Faced

The project required extensive planning and scheduling to provide logistical support for the client as was deemed necessary. The round the clock operation met without any hitches, to the delighted approval of the client. One particular challenge of the project other than the sheer logistics of the operation was the fact that much of the vehicle movements were conducted through urban areas. This therefore required as little hindrance as possible to normal traffic flows within built up urban areas, during the prolonged tankering operation.

Below is a quote from McNicholas Project Manager Phil Williams, to Shaun Leeder at IWJS who was instrumental in winning the work:

“Further to our previous conversations I write to thank you and the great team of IWJS drivers for all of the hard work they have undertaken on the project, needless to say the last 4 months have been challenging as it’s not often you are asked to supply water at 40m3 to 60m3 per hour for prolonged periods of time. We then for period just to make it more interesting started to increase this requirement to 24 hrs a day, however you still never let us down which is a fantastic achievement. It’s no understatement to say that we would not have been able to complete these works without the support of IWJS and the drivers who took ownership of the task.

I am also very pleased to report that for all of the traffic movements through a tight housing estate, in and out of the single road to Shotley, and movements within an operation port at Harwich that I did not receive a single complaint, considering the volume of vehicles and timescale that is a superb effort, well done.

Your contact details are in my phone for the next time!!”


Phil Williams

Project Manager, McNicholas