About IWJS

Our vision is to become the leading provider of water and drainage services across the UK. We will achieve this through investment in staff, vehicles and infrastructure and by aiming to exceed our client expectations.

Our Company

IWJS Ltd was founded in 2011 with the acquisition of DSSE and Aquajet by IWJS Limited. However the roots of the company go back to June 1977 when IWJS first started operations from Woolpit, Suffolk. The formation of IWJS Ltd gives existing and new clients unrivalled national support for all of their drainage and waste management requirements. The three trading companies operate as separate entities but the flexibility of assets and the considerable resource behind the company mean any demand can be accommodated no matter the location, the time of day or the complexity of the job.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of water and drainage services across the UK.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the UK market with unrivalled waste management services.

We will achieve this by constantly seeking ways to expand and resource our response capability; by exploiting every valid opportunity to grow our business organically and through acquisition; and by providing current and future customers with outstanding levels of service.

We will continue to innovate, developing products and services that lead the market and are environmentally-compliant; and we will use the latest communication tools to keep our customers engaged and informed about environmental matters and IWJS Ltd services.

Our mission is supported by a commitment to the quality of our human resource. We aim to provide first class career development and training for our employees so that they are motivated to perform at the peak of their potential, thus contributing to the success of the organisation and in turn, maximising the return to our shareholders.

Our Values

We will carry out all company operations within strict legal and ethical guidelines.

We will support the personal and career development of our employees, seeking their complete job satisfaction.

We will focus on achieving the highest levels of customer loyalty through the provision of exceptional products and services. We will work to minimise our operational impact on the environment and put in place effective measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

IWJS Gender Pay Gap & Equal Opportunities Statement


Government legislation requires that all businesses with more than 250 employees, declare and publish statistics of any gender pay gap within their organisation, with these statistics relating to IWJS shown below.

IWJS aims to be recognised as being an Equal Opportunities employer within all areas of our business activities. We therefore strive to advocate and offer equal pay and opportunities to all our employees regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, disability, religion and maternity or marital status. Giving all individuals equal opportunity wherever possible within the operational parameters of our business, where they clearly demonstrate they have the right skills and abilities to carry out their work effectively.

Peter Maasz

IWJS Business Development Director


Total Employees Male Female Total
382 25 407
Pay Male Female Diff. %
Mean £10.61 £10.10 4.83
Median £10.24 £9.90 3.26
PAY Male Female Male Female
Upper (75-100%) 109 6 95% 5%
Upper Middle (50-75%) 84 6 93% 7%
Lower Middle (25-50%) 121 7 95% 5%
Lower (0-25%) 68 6 92% 8%
382 25
BONUS Male Female Diff. % Male Female
Mean £126.28 £70.00 44.57
Median £25.00 £0.00 100.00
Number Receiving Bonus 241 3 63% 12%


Both IWTS and parent company IWJS are industry leaders, when it comes to fresh ideas and innovation, in the waste water management and health and safety training sectors.


We are always looking for the right people who share our passion for delivering the best possible service. If you’re interested get in touch today.

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