M62 Major Relining Project for A-one-+ and CR Civil Engineering


M62 Major Relining Project for A-one-+ and CR Civil Engineering


Few motorways in the UK approach the M62 in terms of the huge volumes of traffic it carries, especially HGVs, on the route between Yorkshire and Lancashire. As the M62 is literally the main artery carrying the lifeblood of container traffic between the major northern commercial ports of Hull and Liverpool.

Keeping that traffic flow going constantly around the clock on the M62 is a primary aim of Highways England. With the drainage beneath the motorway and verge culverts being essential, to help remove quickly the high volumes of surface water, thus keeping the primary arterial route safe for traffic.

With that purpose in mind, major waste water management company IWJS being a leading player in drain re-lining, was awarded a significant contract valued at £750,000 from lead client A-one+ and main civil engineering contractor CR Civil Engineering. To refurbish aging and damaged drains laid in the initial construction phase of the M62 dating back from 1971-1976.

Employing the Latest Innovations in UV Relining

The contract was awarded not only for the solid reputation developed with A-one+ over the last five years by IWJS, but for its leading expertise in using the very latest technology for UV drain relining. Employing state-of-the-art technology that is the most innovative available on the market from German company ProKasro. IWJS was the first company in the UK to adopt the custom built ProKasro 4×4 Mercedes computerised CCTV control unit and its comprehensive suite of robotic UV relining equipment. Adopting the ProKasro system offers the benefits of quicker preparation, superior relining speed and higher product quality in comparison with much older more conventional techniques. Also employed and controlled remotely from within the unit, are robotic cutters which have added further flexibility in adapting existing sealed drains, for them to become effective land drains under the motorway’s verges. With minimal cost and disruption to the drains beneath the verges being key benefits to the client.

Managing this major relining project for IWJS until his tragic death in January 2018 was Contract Manager, Andrew Simpson. He had this to say about this significant work from client A-one+ and delivering the work:

“We’ve built a solid working relationship with A-one+ over the last five years in Area 12 by achieving recognition on their approved suppliers list. Having established a reputation for good work that’s been delivered on schedule and to budget, mainly for drain and gully cleaning for them. They were aware of our reputation for high quality relining work and our significant investment in the innovative ProKasro UV relining rig, to maintain our lead as one of the top specialist drain relining companies in the UK. So choosing IWJS for such a high profile relining contract was the right way forward for them, to ensure its effective delivery within the project’s allocated budget.”

Andrew went on to add:

“The contract covers a key section of the M62 between J30 and J31, along the central reservation and verges over a total of 5400 metres (5.4 km). Obviously because of the nature of the work and the high volumes of heavy commercial traffic, we had to minimise any disruption to vehicle flow, so the majority of the work has to be done at night. One of the key parameters was not simply the need for speed in delivering the project, but for a high quality drain relining product that needed a minimum 50 year lifespan. This being due to the conversion of the central reservation area, to a concrete barrier and apron incorporating the surface water drainage system, so minimum maintenance and maximum longevity was crucial.”

Project Challenges

Work began in September 2017 with the target completion date set for March 2018. Unusual to the project is the high profile it has at night while the contract is underway and the volume of the relining work being delivered on such a major route as the M62. Innovation in managing such a high profile project, required extensive collaborative planning with Highways England and the use of ‘lean’ working to maximise efficiencies in both working and use of resources. Apart from the dedicated Mercedes 4×4 ProKasro computerised CCTV control unit, a Müller recycler bearing the IWJS 40th Anniversary livery, has also been employed on the project. Apart from the major relining work, additional survey inspection, culvert and gully cleaning work and removal of any drain obstructions, has been required as a comprehensive package of services delivered over the project’s life.

Delivery of the project has gone ahead so smoothly and ahead of schedule, that this has resulted in the further bonus of new UV relining work with A-one+ on the M621 being awarded to IWJS.