New Cityflex arrives

The first of three new Cityflex units arrived in Colchester this week. These units are just perfect for many jetting and suction works where access is tight.

They may be small but they are very capable units.

Mounted on the vehicle chassis is a 4m3 barrel capable of holding 4 tonnes of waste water and a 160bar high pressure water jetting pump connected to ½” and ¾” jetting hoses. The systems are hydraulically controlled.

IWJS specified 10.5 tonne Mercedes Atego chassis which are designed for urban use. These chassis are higher specification than normally used on Cityflexes to deal with the demanding operations the IWJS group undertake for clients.

IWJS pass UVDB and Linkup certification

Martin Chapman H&S ISO Manager, has confirmed today that the IWJS Link-up questionnaire has successfully passed through data validation and our company’s details are now visible to Link-up buyers.

Similarly, our UVDB questionnaire has also successfully passed through data validation and our details are also now viewable by UVDB buyers.

Thanks to Martin and also Amanda Sedgwick for their efforts over the last months in completing the lengthy qualifying documents.

Certificates of Registration are available via the W drive under IMS / Group Accreditation Certs