Basildon Sewer Treatment Works

The Task

IWJS Ltd were contracted by ELS on behalf of Anglian Water to clean out three large storm tanks, each capable of holding 1.5 million litres of waste water, at the Basildon Sewer Treatment Works.
The storm tanks, designed to store overflow waste in times of heavy rain, had 15 years of accumulated debris to be cleared.

What we did

A phased approach was required as the treatment works had to remain operational throughout the process. Consideration also had to be taken regarding weather conditions to ensure the safety of the IWJS staff.

With the volume of debris and waste water present IWJS provided dedicated large scale vacuum pumping, high pressure jetting and screening units as well as experienced operators to ensure continuous operations.

Each storm tank took five days to clear with an additional three days work to clear the surrounding weirs and connecting culverts.

The collected solids, up to a metre thick along the bottom of the 58m long tanks, were separated from the waste water for safe disposal.

The screening of the waste as well as the recycling of the waste water during the high pressure jetting operations was an important factor in reducing the environmental impact of the operations.

The outcome

IWJS left each tank in a ‘as new’ condition to the delight of the works management team. The IWJS operators were praised for providing a very high level of service within the allocated time scales.