IWJS group fights the fat

A major sewer cleaning project around a busy Peterborough City road complex has just been completed by Industrial Water Jetting Systems on behalf of Anglian Water.

The A15, a major through road, was shut from Saturday evening (28th Jan 2012) to early Monday morning (30th Jan 2012) to allow the IWJS team to clear the city sewer of fat, rags and silt.
The cleaning operation was hazardous due to the sewer layout and its location under the busy A15. The scheduling of the works over a weekend was designed to minimise traffic disruption.

One Flexline combination unit, two recyclers, two CCTV surveying vans and one bobcat unit were used over the 36hr period. The experienced IWJS crews worked in shifts around the clock.

The work was part of a 12 week long programme to clear the sewer system under Lincoln Road from the city centre up as afar as Mountsteven Avenue.
Over 250 tonnes of fat, rag and silt have been removed.

Anglian Water operates a ‘Keep it clear’ scheme to inform businesses and homeowners about the consequences of putting fat and other wrong items down drains and toilets.
In Peterborough city centre blockages have fallen by 2/3rds since the scheme was introduced there, but there are still parts of the underground system badly clogged, and that’s were IWJS steps in to return the sewers to prime working condition.

Ivan Clarke, Depot Manager for IWJS Woolpit, was pleased with the operations success. ‘Detailed advanced planning of the work with Anglian Water worked well to minimise the road closure. We managed to complete the job ahead of target and that is a credit to our staff who worked hard over the weekend.’

The IWJS group operates three trading companies in the water and drainage services sector, IWJS Limited, DSS Environmental Limited and Aquajet GB Limited. With over 35 years of continuous trading experience, the three companies are trusted contractors to the water utilities, infrastructure groups, industrial companies, commercial concerns and domestic users.
The group has over 300 staff and operate from locations across the country on a 24/7 basis.

Pocklington Beck

The Task

Aquajet GB Limited was contracted by the Environment Agency to clear debris build up from Pocklington Beck. The activity was part of an on-going flood risk strategy following major floods in 2003 and 2007 and was subject to intense public scrutiny.

What we did

Around 350 tonnes of mainly rubble were removed. Following the clearance of the rubble and debris the beck is now free flowing and the flooding risk has been significantly reduced. However during the course of the works both native white and American crayfish were discovered in the beck.

Aquajet undertook to solve this issue with the Environment Agency. Detailed planning was required across multiple agencies. Aquajet staff caught and segregated the two species whilst recording the level of activity. The native species were released downstream away from the predatory American crayfish.

The outcome

Apart from the free flowing beck and significantly lower risk of flooding Aquajet received many plaudits for the way in which the environmental works were handled professionally and in a sensitive manner. Aquajet are a preferred supplier to the Environment Agency for clearing, CCTV surveys and other drainage services. With such dedicated staff you can see why Aquajet are thought so highly of.

Whittle Brook

The Task

Aquajet(GB) Ltd were engaged by the Environment Agency to carry out a full cleanse of this drainage asset. The condition of this asset was in particularly poor condition. In addition the work was to be carried out under tidal conditions and in a remote location.

What we did

A significant amount of debris was removed from the drain. As the site was remote, tidal and adjacent to a live railway and canal Aquajet(GB) Ltd coordinated with several other contractors to ensure that both their works and the other contractors works could be carried out in a safe and timely manner. To this end Aquajet had a Manager on site throughout the operation.

Specialist equipment was deployed during the works and man entry techniques were required supported by our own rescue team on site at all times. These teams are fully trained to a level that the Environment Agency allow them to work unassisted in the field to an acceptable safety level. Significant groundwork was required to return the asset to the required condition including landscaping, fencing and re-seeding the area.

The outcome

Another successful operation by Aquajet reducing flood risk for the Environment Agency.

Aquajet are a preferred supplier to the Environment Agency for clearing, CCTV surveys and other drainage services. With such dedicated staff you can see why Aquajet are thought so highly of.