IWJS increases its flexibility

The commitment of IWJS to invest in its fleet of specialist vehicles has been clearly demonstrated with the arrival of a new unique JHL Flexline 312 HP combination unit at the groups Woolpit head office.

The last few months have been very busy for IWJS with its acquisitions of DSS Environmental and Aquajet GB. The delivery of this JHL Flexline unit is part of the investment programme to accompany the groups’ growth.


Flexline units are used for the clearing of drains, sludge removal, tank and interceptor emptying. These operations form part of the services that IWJS performs for its clients in the water and drainage sector. The IWJS group is a top ten national provider of services to water utilities, construction companies, industrial, commercial and domestic users and continues to grow through excellent customer relations.

Based on a Mercedes Benz chassis IWJSs’ unique Flexline has a large 125mm diameter suction hose, a 140bar jetting unit with choice of hose reels and a 12m3 capacity tank. The tank also has a moveable internal wall to maximise either the clean water or waste carrying capacities, to suit client requirements.

Whilst Flexlines are already used within the 160 strong fleet several additions have been made to increase this particular vehicles’ versatility.

The addition of a bespoke 11,800 psi high pressure jetting unit, five times more powerful than normal, has been specified capable of hydro blasting surface cleaning including concrete cutting, root and scale removal within pipelines all with the added benefit of simultaneous suction recovery of the pumpable waste streams.
The Flexline is fully hydraulically driven providing efficient power with the benefit of reduced noise levels.

Safe and Experienced

High pressure jetting can be a hazardous operation and all operators have to be qualified to use this equipment. IWJS runs its own training school and are full members of the Water Jetting Association to ensure best practices are maintained.

Christopher Stewart, group managing director sees this delivery as a keeping of a promise. “We have made commitments to our customers to deliver a high quality and reliable service and this new Flexline with its unique capabilities is part of a package of measures to achieve that”